Warts can be unsightly and painful. They also have a tendency to spread to other areas or even between people. There are many different types of warts. The common wart is called verruca vulgaris. It often has a rough raised texture.

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One of the most common concerns in dermatology is finding an effective skin care routine. One that won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin. One that will continue maintaining one’s youth of the skin. One that’s actually worth investing in. There are many different skin care routines out there, as well as many different price points.

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Sunscreens are an important part of sun protection. They do not replace other sun-protective activities, such as using sun-protective clothing or avoiding midday sun, but they have been shown to prevent both nonmelanoma and melanoma skin cancer. We are often asked which is the best sunscreen, and our answer is always the same: “It is the one that you will use!”

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